Request a letter

Nothing says ‘thinking of you’ like a hand-written letter.

At times like this, it’s the little things that mean the world – like a personal letter straight to the door of those who could use a friend. That’s where we come in !

Here at Elite Tickets and Supreme Breaks we are putting our letter-writing skills to good use and reaching out to anyone who’d like to keep in touch during lockdown.
We’ve got grown-ups, picture drawers and teens all ready to lend a hand. So if someone you know feels a little further away than usual, please let us do our bit.

Request a free letter * (for that special someone) by simply completing this form on the link below and we’ll do the rest.

*Limited to one per household.

Stay home, stay safe & stay in touch.

If you are registering someone else’s details it is your responsibility to ensure they are happy to share their name and contact details with us and to receive a letter from us.

All letters will be written by volunteers of employees of Elite Tickets and Supreme Breaks.

Elite Tickets and Supreme Breaks cannot be held responsible for the unsuccessful delivery of any letters or the content contained within the letters sent.

Elite Tickets and Supreme Breaks will not store or share any information captured and it will not be used for marketing purposes.

The information captured will be securely deleted after usage